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What is Jaggery.js

JavaScript has always had a special place in my tool chest.  The language delivers the power of scripting, dynamic typing, object-orientation, and web application frameworks. My first introduction to web application programming used client-side JavaScript and server-side JavaScript (SSJA) based on the Netscape Livewire framework.  JavaScript was my ticket to the web, social programming, open community involvement, and becoming an industry expert. While posting a few queries, answering questions, and interacting with Brendan Eich via the LiveWire NewsGroup (using NNTP), I was approached by an acquisition editor to contribute two chapter for the 1997 version of JavaScript Unleashed.  While working at a Hummer Winblad backed Software as a Service company during the turn of the century (1998-2001), we pushed the edge of the SSJS envelope to create a complex, multi-tenanted enterprise application.

WSO2 has released Jaggery.js, a framework to compose webapps and HTTP-focused web services in pure Javascript for all aspects of the application: front-end, communication, Server-side logic and persistence. The framework will reduce the gap between writing client-side web application pages and back-end web services.

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Cloud languages and me-too vendors

Sinclair @sschuller has triggered a lively debate over at Cloud U on Linkedin.   Sinclair’s blog post questions why PaaS providers “want to add as many languages as possible as quickly as possible. ”   Sinclair questions the business value obtained by polyglot language support and whether development teams will see through the hype and “walk away disenfranchised.”

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