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WSO2 API Management Platform Re-invents Software Delivery

Ten years after the rise of Service Oriented Architecture, many organizations have identified and published services as shared assets, however teams and partners often continue to invest considerable time and resources when building new solutions.  Many teams experience rapid portfolio proliferation and sprawl, but not enhanced portfolio efficiency or business agility.  Achieving business agility requires the growth of development partnerships and interactions, which should span both internal and external teams.

Traditional SOA and integration platforms enable rapid development, but they provide little business partnership support.  Teams commonly operate independently and autonomously.  Hundreds of people write new APIs and services; few people know:

  • who is consuming APIs and services,
  • who is writing re-usable APIs and services, or
  • how APIs and services are being used.

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ESB and Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration (EAI) best practices are based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles and a flexible, highly capable SOA Platform.   An enterprise service bus (ESB),  API management, governance registry, and identity services are the cornerstones of successful SOA infrastructure platforms.

Learn about Hybrid PaaS and Cost Optimization

WSO2 is sponsoring two educational webinars (i.e. Building a Hybrid Platform as a Service, Develop a Cost Optimization Strategy) and an all day on-site workshop (i.e. Introduction to Cloud middleware; WSO2 Carbon and Stratos).   I am creating the content this week, which provides you an opportunity to pose your questions early and influence the content.   If you miss the webinar dates, register to obtain the presentation deck and recording.  If you aren’t visiting Orlando on the 15th, send me a note on your interest.  We will be delivering more workshop events in 2012, and your vote could add your city to the list.

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Workshop: Carbon and Stratos: understanding cloud-enabled modular middleware

Join Jonathan Marsh and I in Orlando, Florida on December 15, 2011 to learn about WSO2 Carbon and Stratos.  The registration page is here.
WSO2 Carbon and Stratos provides a complete middleware platform for Enterprise computing: from on-premise to a full cloud-enabled runtime. In this session we will spend the morning looking at the Carbon platform – including leading ESB, AppServer, Governance Registry and more. In the afternoon we will look at the way this runtime is also available in a multi-tenant scalable, elastic architecture. This session will cover SOA and Cloud middleware, PaaS as well as digging deep into Cloud concepts.

This hands-on workshop provides a real opportunity to understand Carbon, OSGi middleware, PaaS, Stratos, and get going with a Cloud Platform. StratosLive is a complete running platform in the cloud, and participants will be encouraged to set up a tenant using their laptops during the workshop, and will understand how to install and use Stratos in a Private PaaS environment.

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Ghost in the machine

What PaaS capabilities and components are required to migrate your application into the Cloud?  WSO2 announced the  WSO2 Stratos cloud middleware platform version 1.5.2 release.  Besides enhancements to 12 service components (i.e. application server, data service platform, enterprise service bus, identity service, governance service, gadgets, business activity monitoring, business process, business rules, mashups, message broker, complex event processing),  core platform enhancements include an innovative service-aware load balancer and ghost deployer.

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Gartner’s and Cobiacomm’s analysis of WSO2 SOA Governance

WSO2, the lean enterprise middleware provider, announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the “Visionaries” quadrant of a new report, Magic Quadrant for SOA Governance Technologies[1]

My analysis (from an ex-Gartner research team leader), the placement demonstrates WSO2 team leadership in defining a vision for policy based service governance.     Continue reading

WSO2Brasil community

Is your native language Portuguese?      The WSO2Brasil blog contains useful community sponsored documentation in Portuguese.  According to the blog site, WSO2Brasil is a Brazilian community of interest which is intrigued by the WSO2 platform WSO2. The community exists to share knowledge and news, in addition to helping to spread the technology. The community members are interested in WSO2 products due to the code-free integration of Carbon modules and support for the creation, connection, composition,and governance of services via a complete SOA platform.

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