Responsive IT: Harvard Business Review’s Expert Perspective

Harvard Business Review has made a not so shocking assertion, most IT teams desire a Path to Responsive IT.   Yet only a minority achieve high IT responsiveness. Digital transformation is required to successfully seize business opportunity.

Are you ready to build a Responsive IT team? 

HBR echoes a statement that we often hear in client conversations:

Cultural resistance, fixed processes, and outdated IT systems get in the way.

To blaze the path to Responsive IT, CIOs and IT leaders must adopt a New IT delivery model and New IT plan.   An IT leader super-majority see resisting change as not a viable option today.  The recent HBR survey indicates IT stakeholders believe  successful IT is critical to their core business survival:

75 percent of respondents said their company’s survival depends on their ability to successfully exploit information technology, with 41 percent strongly agreeing that this is so.

However,  when HBR quantified “How responsive (or quick to act) is your IT organization to ideas initiated by the business for fast-moving technology innovation?”, HBR only identified 20% of IT teams as achieving highly responsive IT.

Clearly, almost everyone wants to be responsive, but few organizations have overcome legacy infrastructure drag and process inefficiencies.  By adopting DevOps, PaaS, APIs, Big Data streaming, and ecosystem platforms, you can not be the guy in the room (half the people) who said they

missed out on new technology-enabled business opportunities because their IT department was too slow to respond.

What is your path to Responsive IT, and have you presented the concept to your IT peers? Reach me via Twitter by including #ResponsiveIT in your tweet.


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