cloud native

Enabling Cloud-native, complex enterprise development in the Cloud

Forklifting terrestrial middleware into the cloud provides incremental benefits. To revolutionize project delivery and build a responsive IT, organizations operating at the speed of business:

Adopt Complex Enterprise-Ready Cloud Solutions

Enterprise applications today require integration, identity, access control, business process workflow, mobility, APIs, event processing, and sophisticated big data reporting. Does your cloud platform provide a solid foundation?

While some environments only deliver a simple application server and database in the Cloud, WSO2 cloud solutions provide all platform components required to deliver an enterprise-ready cloud platform, supporting complex application development and deployment.

The WSO2 platform eliminates traditional IT challenges and fosters adoption by integrating seamlessly with your enterprise directory, identity management, monitoring systems, existing internal and external applications, and services.

In addition, WSO2 can help you reduce time to market by implementing transparent governance, hiding cloud complexity, and streamlining development and operations processes.

Why did Boeing, Verio, Cisco, and others pick WSO2?

Because WSO2 delivers Cloud-native Platform as a Service environments encompassing components required to deliver real-world, complex applications without requiring extensive system integration to tie together cloudy middleware technology from multiple vendors, or wrapping non-cloudy middleware technology.

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