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DevOps PaaS delivers at the speed of business demand

High performance IT teams move at the speed of business. They rapidly deliver high quality software solutions that enable business penetration into new markets, create innovative products, and improve customer experience and retention.  Unfortunately, most IT teams do not have an environment fostering the rapid iteration, streamlined workflow, and effective collaboration required to operate at the speed of now and capture business opportunity. Disconnected tooling, static environment deployment, and heavyweight governance across development and operations often impede rapid software cycles, minimize delivery visibility, and prohibit innovative experimentation.

A new, more responsive IT model is required.

When IT teams increase agility and reduce time to market by adopting agile software development practices, DevOps principles, and Cloud self-service provisioning, they choose a development and operations environment that accelerates software delivery by continuously executing software activities and expands best practices across both mission critical systematic development and shadow opportunistic projects.

 Consider a different software delivery environment

WSO2 App Factory overcomes software delivery challenges and creates a high performance IT team delivering at the speed of business by simplifying the developer experience, increasing developer productivity, shortening project cycle times, and optimizing resource utilization.  WSO2 App Factory provides governed, iterative lifecycle management across the complete project lifecycle, promotes architecture best practice conformance, and pre-integrates DevOps best practice tooling with a Cloud run-time Platform as a Service environment.


WSO2 App Factory is a multi-tenant, elastic and self-service Enterprise Cloud DevOps platform that enables multiple project teams to collaboratively create, run and manage enterprise applications. By combining complete application lifecycle management and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, WSO2 App Factory makes it possible to develop, test, deploy to production and retire applications or APIs with a single click. It also provides an easy way to discover and consume apps and APIs through a user-friendly storefront.

Teams use the environment to rapidly experiment, fail fast, and efficiently deliver business value. 

IT-Business Impact

By simplifying project set-up and environment provisioning, democratizing best practices, and accelerating DevOps activities, WSO2 App Factory creates a high performance IT environment that improves team performance.   WSO2 App Factory clients are transforming delivery expectations and changing the IT-business dynamic from ‘when will the software be ready?’ towards ‘what new business goal can we achieve’?


With WSO2 App Factory, IT becomes a more agile business-enabler, providing faster time-to-market and enhanced visibility into performance, adoption, usage and value of applications, APIs, and services. Embedded, tunable governance models ensure process consistency and high quality of results across both systematic IT projects and shadow IT experiments.  By using a governed, distributed development tool, teams achieve predictably velocity, reduce communication risks, and enhance quality.


WSO2 App Factory provides IT team access to self-service Cloud provisioning, continuous build, continuous integration, continuous test, and continuous delivery activities. Depending upon the project archetype, the environment is automatically tuned for systematic full-lifecycle governance with mission critical security and quality of service, or, tuned for shadow IT rapid experimentation.


WSO2 clients are using WSO2 App Factory to accelerate software delivery, and build Platform as a Service environment that follow enterprise best practices, governance models, and compliance policies. WSO2 clients are expanding PaaS adoption by creating an approachable, simple, and safe environment across systematic IT, shadow IT teams, and business partners.  They are also mitigating risk, raising compliance, and reducing time to market by developing and deploying within the WSO2 App Factory DevOps PaaS environment.

WSO2 App Factory Details

The environment enables on-demand application provisioning, accelerates development iterations, increase best practice adoption, establishes agile application governance processes, delivers an DevOps experience, and communicates IT value through dashboards for CXOs & development managers.


Project Provisioning

○       Self-service provisioning of project workspaces and resources including source repository, issue tracker, build configuration, forums, and requirements manager

○       Invite developers, testers, and operation engineers into application workspace

○       On-demand access to development, test, and production run-time Clouds


Accelerate Development Iterations

○      Automate and integrate continuous build, test, and deployment activities

○      Perform one-click actions for code branching, versioning, and promotion


Increase best practice adoption and establish agile application governance processes

○      Establish application development process phases, checkpoints, or approval workflows

○      Enforce coding conventions and best practices via automated tools, automated quality assurance, and security testing


Adopt a Cloud Platform and offer PaaS

○      Offer a shared, on-demand elastic infrastructure that scales

○      Deploy applications onto the complete WSO2 middleware platform, non-Java language containers (PHP), and 3rd party products (JBoss Application Server, Tomcat)

Obtain an Integrated DevOps Experience

○      Incorporates full lifecycle tooling, workflow, and reports for developers, quality assurance members, and operations engineers.

○      Publish into App Stores and API Stores

○      Manage application scaling parameters across environments

Management Dashboards for CXOs & Project Managers

○      Dashboards provide visibility into application status, application health, application service assets, application activity, and application lifecycle stage progress

Customize to follow your best practices and standards

○      Configure application development process phases, checkpoints, or approval workflows

○      Specify custom lifecycle stages in addition to pre-defined Development, Testing, and Production phases

Integrates with Your Existing Infrastructure

○      Integrates with your existing software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools including SVN, JIRA, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Bamboo and Clover

○      Integrates with existing user repositories via LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory






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