Apache Stratos

Why Apache Stratos

Apache Stratos  is an Open Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework project supported by the Apache community.  Apache Stratos brings enterprise-ready quality of service, governance, security, and performance to internal private clouds, externally managed clouds, and public clouds. Enterprise organizations, Cloud infrastructure vendors, and Cloud service providers may freely modify, distribute, and deploy Apache Stratos without any intellectual property restrictions, royalties, or fees.

Open Interoperability

An Open PaaS supports heterogeneous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments, multiple application platforms, languages, and frameworks.   The Apache Stratos cartridge model and jCloud abstraction layer enables deployment on popular IaaS environments (Amazon AWS, OpenStack, vCloud), and teams can incorporate their preferred application servers via cartridge extensions.

 Build Your xPaaS

The Apache Stratos PaaS framework acts as the foundation for multiple flavors of Platform as a Services, such as Application PaaS (aPaaS), Integration PaaS (iPaaS), or Data PaaS (dPaaS).  By not prescribing an opinionated middleware environment, organizations may add Cloud elastic scalability, resource sharing, service level management, and on-demand self-service to their application, integration, or data platform environment.

 Realize Your Business Model

By adopting Apache Stratos, teams gain access to a flexible, enterprise-ready PaaS framework that does not prescribe specific business model restrictions.  Apache Stratos adopters may freely deploy the PaaS framework underneath their software or services without any license or financial restrictions.   Enterprise production support and development services are available from WSO2 and partners.

Apache Stratos Industry Impact

Apache Stratos is used by leading organizations building connected ecosystems in aerospace, telecommunication, and construction industries.  For example, Boeing’s digital airline initiative, which is re-inventing supply chain logistics, is powered by Apache Stratos.  Leading network infrastructure providers are integrating Apache Stratos and delivering advanced telecommunication services to their client base while maintaining telco grade reliability and availability under peak load.  A construction and engineering equipment provider is building a multi-tenant Cloud solution that can tailor policies and rules to specific niche markets.

 Community Owned and Operated

Apache Stratos is the only open community controlled open-source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) on the market today. While other PaaS offerings either belong to a single corporation (like OpenShift from Red Hat) or a few select large sponsors (like Cloud Foundry), Apache Stratos belongs to the open Apache community, where participation is based on participation and meritocracy instead of financial sponsorship.  The Apache community has produced infrastructure technology which has become the foundation of the modern internet; including the Apache web server, Tomcat server, Cassandra, CouchDB, CloudStack and many others. Stratos adds open Platform as a Service capabilities to the Apache stack – all in totally open community-controlled way.

Apache Stratos Cloud-Native Architecture

Cloud-Native Apache Stratos architecture delivers unique technical and business including:

  • Cartridge model
  • In-container multi-tenancy
  • http and non http load auto scaling
  • Custom Load Balancer integration and hybrid cloud routing


Cartridge Model

The Apache Stratos cartridge model brings legacy infrastructure into the Cloud, and creates Cloud-aware containers hosting business logic and infrastructure services.  By creating a cartridge or choosing pre-built cartridge options, teams may easily deploy traditional application platform software into a managed PaaS environment.  The cartridge model enables runtime extensibility and polyglot support for any desired programming language, platform framework, or server.


In-container multi-tenancy

Apache Stratos supports in-container multi-tenancy, which optimizes resource utilization, lowers tenant footprints, and efficiently supports PaaS deployments serving large-scale customer bases (hundreds of thousands or millions of tenants).


http and non-http traffic based load auto scaling

Apache Stratos architecture support both http and non-http based auto scaling. The Apache Stratos PaaS monitors Cloud health, analyzes usage trends, and dynamically provisions Cloud resources based on current and future load.

Custom Load Balancer Integration and hybrid cloud routing

Apache Stratos includes a Cloud-native load balancer and policy-aware load balancing algorithms that analyze traffic by tenant, service, and partition. The PaaS framework will also integrate with any on-premise third party load balancer and external, hybrid cloud traffic balancers through a message broker component. The PaaS framework will auto-scale Cloud instances across a diverse hybrid environment while respective quality of service policies.

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