WSO2 Big Data Platform

WSO2 Big Data Story

The Big Data Story was rejuvenated by open source, and the WSO2 Big Data Story integrates Big Data with SOA, integration, Cloud, and applications.

Why build a Big Data Platform?

CIOs, IT leaders, and business teams who separate business signals from transaction noise can transform business operations into a proactive, collaborative model that increases customer-centric interaction, streamlines partner coordination, and enhances revenue growth.

WSO2’s Big Data Analytics platform captures business activity across multiple data formats and message channels, performs temporal complex event processing and map-reduce analytics, and presents relevant, real-time business alerts and dashboards to enable timely operational management and business planning.

WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform enables an API-centric architecture, enhances business visibility, Contextual Web, and helps build an adaptive business.

Enable API-Centric Architecture – integrate Big Data repositories with message traffic, web services, and APIs.  Extend information access by exposing Big Data analytics as mobile Web APIs.

Enhance Business Visibility – Instrument transactional systems using an API-centric approach and drive analytic dashboards enabling real-time business decisions.   View strong and weak signals hidden within operational noise by performing in-stream complex event processing and Big Data queries.

Contextual Web – Adapt and personalize data streams based on temporal interaction patterns and Big Data analytics to enhance security, increase customer engagement, and expand revenue opportunities.

Build an Adaptive Business

Sense business activity and automatically adapt supply chain orders, modify inventory distribution, tune product placement, and adjust marketing messages. By proactively adapting business interactions and executions based on market signals, organizations can create a just-in-time, agile business environment that seizes business opportunities.


WSO2 Complex Event Processing, WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, WSO2 Storage Server, and WSO2 User Engagement Server work together and deliver a composable and cohesive Big Data platform tuned for high-volume, low-latency, high-performance, and event-driven environments.  The Cloud-Native Big Data platform provides a ready-made, on-demand self-service platform enabling your team to rapidly spin-up Big Data projects, offer private Database as a Service (dbaaS), and personalize information presentation across multiple customer, partner, and value web channels.

WSO2 Big Data Platform

Figure 1: WSO2 Big Data Platform

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