Connected Business Attributes

Obviously, every business today is a connected business. What specific attributes can we use to benchmark connected business maturity?

Connected Business Attributes


Scaling customers and revenue growth requires reaching out into new markets and across diverse channels.  As customers and prospects gain increased access to your support services, product marketing, and sales associates, your business has an opportunity to increase sales and customer retention.   Effective IT teams create an accessible, connected business environment that reduces interaction friction, and decreases interaction cost. 



By integrating business data, processes, rules, services and capabilities between internal and external IT assets, IT teams create an environment accelerating business interactions inside, outside, and across organizational boundaries.

Consider the following roadmap items when moving towards an integrated business environment:  self-service applications, APIs, and automated event notifications.



Increase engagement and enhance productivity by improving the collaboration experience.

Innovative, next-generation platforms decrease the IT effort required to build a more collaborative, connected business.  IT teams are partnering with their core business counterparts to map activities, define key business events, and establish business-oriented workspaces that incorporate business activity streams.



An adaptive business senses business activity and automatically adapts supply chain orders, modifies inventory distribution, tunes product placement, and adjusts marketing messages.  By proactively adapting business interactions and executions based on market signals, organizations can create a just-in-time, agile business environment that seizes business opportunities.

What top-level concepts describe how you are changing business dynamics, and how do you describe the business value and game changing technology initiatives to your peers?