Cloud DevOps and The Path Towards Governance

Cloud DevOps and PaaS are paving a path towards teams adopting governance best practices.  Teams often follow human nature and take the path of least resistance.  DevOps automates activities, and with adequate up-front planning, DevOps can make ‘the right thing to do the easy thing to do’.

Governance is the precepts, policies, processes, and tooling used to conform activities, minimize risk, and maximize effectiveness.   As Mike Kavis states in a recent blog post,

  Many IT and DevOps shops always look at governance as a dirty word because it sounds too much like government, which sounds too much like bureaucracy and waste. The problem with governance is not with governance itself, but with how organizations have tried to implement (or not implement) it.


DevOps principles and practices combined with PaaS characteristics will quicken IT solution development and delivery.   A DevOps focus on continuous activity execution (e.g. continuous build, continuous integration, continuous test, continuous delivery) creates a ‘no wait’ environment.   Teams do not have to wait for the next script to run or for the next activity to commence.  By incorporating automation into developer and operations processes, teams bypass time consuming manual tasks and gain faster phase execution.  Both DevOps and PaaS promote simple, on-demand self-service environments that shield team members from complexity and reduce skill hurdles.  By offering on-demand self-service access, rapid business innovation and experimentation is possible. By reducing complexity, team members are not required to obtain special training and skills before consuming IT services and infrastructure.

A configurable DevOps PaaS can implement governance best practices and be readily adopted by teams without extensive implementation effort.  Effective application delivery governance presents a simplified and unified user experience to complex development tools, processes, and team hand-offs.  By integrating software promotion best practices, test automation, continuous integration, and issue tracking, application delivery governance raises software quality while reducing delivery timeframes.  For more information, read about how to accelerate agility and maintain governance with DevOps PaaS

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