Dashboards and microsites drive user engagement

Dashboards and microsites drive user engagement and convert raw data into information that business participants turn into insight.  Everybody can agree on that “Data is worthless if you don’t communicate data correctly”.  Rather than presenting mind-numbing rows and columns of raw numbers,  visualization techniques enable individuals to quickly identify trends, patterns, and correlations.

Now available on GitHub, WSO2 User Engagement Server helps business participants achieve insight by delivering dashboards and microsites.

A dashboard provides a data visualization portal that is easily shared and tailored across multiple organizational roles.   The dashboard exposes presentation components (i.e. bar charts, tables, trend graphs) bound to live data.

Microsites aggregate information on a focused subject.  If the information set spans multiple dashboard, a user engagement microsite can present a collection of dashboards and curated web pages.

To develop a dashboard or micro-site,  power business users to drag and drop components using a web-based, graphical development workbench.   Drag a chart, provide a URL, customize access control privileges, and share rich, meaningful data with business users.

Because a dashboard and microsite are defined using JavaScript, developers can quickly and easily customize the presentation components. For example, layering on their standard cascading style sheet (CSS).   The server-side JavaScript framework is based on  Jaggery, a framework similar to NodeJS.   Jaggery provides a presentation templating environment and application framework that simplifies common application development tasks.

Because information only turns into actionable insight when user engagement occurs, the WSO2 User Engagement Server contains an integrated enterprise store, where business users can bookmark dashboards, microsites, and data visualization widgets.

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