5 Reasons to Question Public Cloud Freedom

As we head into 4th July 2013, Public Cloud Freedom is under increased scrutiny.   Do you want freedom in your cloud?


Fly your Flag

Unfortunately, public clouds limit freedom.   You are expected to:

  1. Abide by specific Terms of Service
  2. Relinquish any claim to privacy
  3. Waive any access to due process on data or service confiscation
  4. Limited ability to customize the Cloud platform and policies
  5. Be subject to abrupt termination after provider acquisition or any other provider business whim

With hardware becoming more affordable than ever, with open source IaaS and PaS options, and with in-house self-service DevOps tools, why not invest in your freedom?  Question Public Cloud Freedom and appropriately balance your cloud usage.


I wish you fireworks and fun on the 4th.  Be Free!


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