WSO2 Conference 2013 SFO

Join enterprise IT professionals at WSO2 Conference 2013 San Francisco to learn how the WSO2 open source middleware platform delivers pragmatic and practical solutions to your enterprise challenges.


The conversation and presentations will cut through the hype of Cloud, Mobile, Data, API, SOA, open source, application development, enterprise integration and governance technologies.  The WSO2 conference will bring you pragmatic solutions to help solve your enterprise challenges. Even if you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, learn how you can transform your business by listening to compelling customer success stories.

WSO2 invites enterprise IT professionals and partners to submit a speaking proposal. The two-day WSO2 conference and one tutorials day will deliver end-user case studies, industry expert vision, and hands-on development guidance. Share your experiences on the following topics:

  • Cloud-Native Platform-as-a-Service and developing
  • Cloud-aware Applications
  • Using APIs to extend Apps and Services out to mobile users
  • Adopting REST and using data APIs to power the mobile app experience
  • Establishing a Cloud DevOps Factory to improve application delivery and team collaboration
  • Creating Vertical PaaS offering with a digital ecosystem platform
  • Implementing Enterprise Integration Patterns, ESB best practices, and achieving integration agility
  • How to follow Practical SOA and establish effective SOA Governance
  • Promoting Service Re-use and maximizing SOA success
  • Empowering business owners with business process and business rule based systems
  • Making better business decisions with Complex Event Processing (CEP), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), and Big Data analytics
  • Open source strategies, communities, and adoption practices
  • Embedding WSO2 middleware in OEM and ISV products

Even if your favorite topic or story isn’t represented in the list above, please send in your proposal. Your peers will find your unique story relevant and compelling, and our selection committee recognizes how our creative community shapes the conference agenda. Everyone has a valuable perspective to share.

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