Creating an Enterprise App Store

New IT models include providing a user-friendly experience commonly found in consumer app stores. The goals, challenges, and execution plan when creating an Enterprise App Store should be considered.

Why Create an Enterprise App Store?  Goals!

  • Obtain a user-friendly experience commonly found in consumer app stores
    • Business teams and individuals can rapidly find useful applications that will help them perform their tasks, increase their productivity, or obtain relevant information.
    • Business teams and individuals can directly subscribe to applications and use the application without IT intervention.
    • Companies can efficiently maintain budget, access, and compliance controls
      • IT groups can promote application solutions that conform to corporate policies (e.g. security, service level, budget) and are pre-integrated with corporate resources (e.g. identity directory, workflow, content, structured data, business processes).
      • IT groups can manage licensing, distribution, and upgrades that impact overall IT spend and user experience.
      • IT groups can provision access when employees on-board and turn-off access when an employee leaves the project or company.


What are Enterprise App Store Challenges?  Hurdles!

  • Promoting and displaying applications that are relevant to the enterprise app store user.
  • Understanding license and infrastructure costs
  • Establishing and maintaining access approval and budget approval processes.
  • Eliminating lengthy identity and access provisioning tasks
  • Controlling the distribution and upgrade of applications on mobile devices
  • Integrating applications with corporate resources
  • Delivering dashboards providing visibility into application subscriptions, usage, license audits, and policy compliance.

How to Create an Enterprise App Store – Execution!

  • Create on-demand, automated provisioning of application access and application configuration
  • Integrate user identity and single sign-on (SSO) with App Store
  • Ideally, select apps that are OAuth compliant and integrate with identity management and authorization infrastructure
  • Apply policy based promotion, access control, and data security policies to apps and APIs
  • Create branded App Stores that target a segment of the enterprise user population (e.g. HR, call center, sales force, field engineer)
  • Interface enterprise app store with mobile device management (MDM) infrastructure


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