New Enterprise Drivers

The Breakup of the Corporation, Connected Business Strategies, The Now Generation, and The Long Tail are driving organizations towards a New Enterprise Future.

Traditional corporate structure is dissolving into flexible value-webs of business participants.  The business participants dynamically band together on a project, disperse, and reform around new business opportunities.  Because new discovery and connectivity mechanisms lower interaction cost, group formation and participation is fostered. Figure 1 below illustrates how organizational dynamics are changing and a New Enterprise is being born.   Instead of all corporate functions being performed in-house, offshoring, outsourcing, temporary contractors, and dynamic partnerships drive today’s agile New Enterprise business.

The Break Up Of The Corporation

Figure 1:  The Breakup of the Corporation

New Enterprise organizations are defining Connected Business Strategies that rely on big data analytics, contextual personalization, industry ecosystems, and advanced monetization to create new business models.

Connected Business

Figure 2: Connected Business Strategies

Queuing, waiting, and the status quo doesn’t fit well with today’s now generation and New Enterprise dynamics.  Business stakeholders, who drive revenue growth and customer retention, desire to rapidly seize opportunity and market share.  They often view IT timeframes and capabilities as a poor match for today’s fast business-pace.

IT often is geared to only service high-impact, mission critical projects.  A large amount of data access, analytics, and workflow requirements are unmet by the one-size-fits-all, tightly allocated IT service model.   To maximize business flexibility and agility, New Enterprise IT meets The Long Tail of application and analytic demands with new platforms.   Figure 3 illustrates the service scope of Old IT and New Enterprise IT.

The Long Tail

Figure 3: The Long Tail and IT Coverage   Source: Gartner 2011


A New IT model is required to reduce delivery time and accelerate business agility. How are you building a pragmatic, open source driven game plan that incorporates New IT approach vectors, Open DevOp PaaS, Open APIs, and Open Ecosystems?


The complete presentation delivered at the Open Source Business Conference on April 29 is posted.  Learn more about New Enterprise drivers, a New IT plan, and network with open source community leaders.  The conference covers the open source strategic challenges that IT management deals with on a daily basis.


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