A Path to Responsive IT

IT teams desire to gain an edge and improve their ability to grow business revenues, improve customer retention, and deliver timely and cost effective solutions.  Often, outdated IT infrastructure, processes, and tooling impede efficient IT delivery; increases project delivery times, and inhibits business model flexibility.  With disruptive New IT technologies (i.e. Cloud, mobile, social, Big Data, APIs), IT teams have a solid technology foundation that can transform business agility and build a more responsive organization.  The path to a responsive organization requires empowering business teams to safely recognize business opportunity, adapt processes, and respond.  A responsive IT team enables on-demand self-service, ticketless IT, a low cost structure, and widespread participation.


Cloud’s on-demand self-service and ticketless IT processes drastically reduce time to provision IT resources. APIs and cloud infrastructure services serve as composable building blocks, enabling solution adaptation on opportunity context.  For example, a bank can re-use bank services in a new market and plug-in local regulations.



DevOps PaaS delivers an approved, low cost development, deployment, and maintenance cost structure. IT efficiently supports the long tail of user strategy and priorities, and business needs are met by a timely and cost-efficient IT solution.  Shadow IT is embraced and enabled within the IT structure rather than being excluded and repressed.


When everyone is on the same team, participation is encouraged and the team scales to meet business demand. When extending the IT team with business analysts, power-users, out-sourced teams, and contractors, a responsive IT structure consistently and automatically enforces compliance and governance policies.


The path to Responsive IT requires moving away from traditional application platforms, traditional team structure, and traditional information flows.  Responsive IT teams are adapting their infrastructure, processes and tooling to re-invent the application platform and re-think application delivery.  The New IT architecture underlying Responsive IT intelligently incorporates Cloud Platforms, BigData Analytics, Enterprise DevOps, and API first development.

The Path to Responsive IT white paper provides a roadmap plan.


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