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Deploy ESB as a Service

In today’s business environment, increasing agility and lowering cost is a business imperative.  Forward thinking development teams are deploying shared services (e.g. ESB-as-a-Service) instead of traditional middleware silos.  Our total cost of ownership calculation indicates organizations can save significant software subscription cost, operations management effort, and infrastructure expense when deploying multi-tenant, shared container based application platform middleware services.

Many WSO2 clients run several WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus instances in production today, and we encourage our clients to evaluate how implementing ESBs within a Cloud Platform-as-a-Service environment reduces time to market and decreases ownership cost.

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API Mutiny on Web 3.0

API developers are ready to stage a mutiny. Will the captains of Twitter, LinkedIn, and NetFlix make developers walk the plank?

During early market colonization days by Twitter, LinkedIn, NetFlix, Pinterist, and Instagram, the companies prioritize customer land grab over trade and commerce. Web 2.0 companies often choose to build distribution channels first.  The accepted navigation route includes courting third party developers with Open APIs and pseudo Open Data.   The data is freely available, readily accessible, and governed by limited commercial terms of service.   The corporate path to monetization is through advertising and light data API linking rather than building a deep ecosystem platform. However, with smart API developers creating better customer experiences and challenging revenue growth, the company captains have decided to change the terms of service and limit third party API developer participation.  All actions show the companies attempting to monetize their valuable asset and gain more gold coin, while limiting access by privateers.

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Five Actions for Maximizing Your API Value

Software architects and developers can take five actions to avoid common API pitfalls, create business value, and monetize API assets:

  1. Embrace the Managed API
  2. Establish a Monetization Model
  3. Make APIs Easy for Developers to Access
  4. Employ Governance
  5. Monitor API Use

IT Briefcase has posted my article where you may read more about the five actions.

API Manager infrastructure delivers the tools you need to effectively perform the actions. The short video below explains the features and capabilities.

More resources (i.e. articles, videos, webinars, getting started guides, and downloadable bits) are available on our WSO2 API Manager product page.