Built on Apache Open Source Foundation

WSO2 Carbon application platform is built on a solid Apache Open Source Foundation.  Apache Open Source delivers innovative components and an extensive ecosystem of developers, educational resources, and committers.  Apache projects often surpass proprietary platform vendor offerings, and lead Apache project sponsors (e.g. Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Huawei, AMD) run their Internet scale business on open source project code.

When development teams adopt Apache open source projects, the teams undertake a challenging platform development task list:

  • Integrate Apache projects into the application platform
  • Synchronize project dependencies and versions
  • Maintain build repository and configuration scripts
  • Patch project codebase to fix defects
  • Upgrade projects and obtain new features

When development teams adopt WSO2 Carbon, the teams obtain leading Apache open source projects without onerous platform maintenance challenges.  WSO2’s open source experts integrate, synchronize, maintain, patch, and upgrade a 100% open source codebase.  The WSO2 team actively curates innovative open source projects and enhances core projects by adding developer tooling and optimizing configuration.


With WSO2’s complete, composable, and cohesive open source application platform, development teams don’t acquire the ‘Free, like a puppy’ experience; everyone knows the initial ‘free puppy’ turns into an expensive and time consuming acquisition. When acquiring the WSO2 Carbon application platform containing open source project cores, teams truly experience open source freedom. Main open source projects supporting WSO2 Products are listed in Table 1 below (italics indicate core project(s) ):



WSO2 Product

Main Open Source Project(s)

WSO2 Carbon Foundation Apache Tomcat

Apache Axis2

Eclipse Equinox

Apache Abdera


Apache Tribes

Apache Tiles

Apache Neethi



Apache POI

Apache Commons *



WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Apache Synapse

Apache Qpid





WSO2 Business Activity Monitor 2 Apache Hive

Apache Hadoop

Apache Thrift

Apache Cassandra

WSO2 Business Process Server Apache ODE


Apache Batik

WSO2 Gadget Server Apache Shindig
WSO2 Mashup Server Mozilla Rhino
WSO2 Application Server Apache Tomcat
WSO2 Identity Server Apache DS

Apache Rampart

Apache Amber

WSO2 Governance Registry Product’s primary core is WSO2 code available under Apache license

Apache jUDDI

Apache Jackrabbit

Apache Lucene

Apache Solr

Eclipse WSDL Validator

WSO2 Data Services Product’s primary core is WSO2 code available under Apache license




Apache Jena


WSO2 Complex Event Processing Product’s primary core is WSO2 code available under Apache license

Plugins to Drools Fusion and ESPER (plugin to WSO2 Siddhi coming)

WSO2 Business Rules Server JBoss Drools


Additional open source projects integrated into the WSO2 Carbon application platform include jCIFS, JFreeChart, Joda Time, JSch, JExcelAPI, Jasper, Janino, MVEL, Sat4j, Smooks, BeanShell, IBM ICU, H2, Axiom, XmlSchema, XMLBeans, HttpCore, HttpClient, Woden, wsdl4j,  WSS4J, Neethi, log4j, , JGroups, Apache Ant, Apache POI, Apache Geronimo, Infinispan, EhCache, Apache Commons Codec, Apache Commons Collections, commons-dbcp, Apache Commons FileUpload, Commons IO, Apache Commons Lang, Apache Commons Pool, annogen, AjaxTags, Jettison, Commons-Logging, Saxon, Xerces, JaxenGoogle Data API (GData), HtmlCleaner, iText, JAXB, Google Guice, ObjectWeb ASM, Apache Commons BECL, cglib, Apache Derby, Smack API, step2.





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