Progress Sonic to Exit Middleware Market

In John Rymer’s recent blog post, Progress Software Lowers Its Sights, he breaks the news that Progress is divesting perceived ‘non-core’ middleware products.  On the selling block are Progress Sonic ESB, Savvion BPM, Actional services management, and FuseSource.  Progress’ recent strategy shift places Sonic ESB, Sonic MQ, and FuseSource implementations at risk of obsolescence.  The list of probable acquirers could mean product termination and forced migration.

John advises IT groups to:

“approach Progress as a specialist vendor with three distinct products, not an enterprise platform provider. Progress has good products, but clients must include in their evaluations of those products the continuing business execution risk that the company will face during the next year. Progress is still in transition.”

I’m not quite sure what type of IT infrastructure provider Progress will be after the transition.  Neil Ward-Dutton reviewed Progress’ strategy and decrees:

“if we take this at face value (and that’s all I can do at this stage) that means no more technology to support customers looking to implement BPM, SOA, or MDM.”

In contrast, WSO2 is a 100% open enterprise platform provider with a dedicated focus on delivering a complete, composable, and cohesive middleware platform spanning data to screen.   Our WSO2 Enterprise Platform enables SOA, BPM, API management, web application development, and Cloud.

Our WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Governance Registry, WSO2 Business Activity Monitor, and WSO2 Identity Server provide a production proven, high performance SOA middleware foundation.   We welcome you review our case studies and learn how WSO2 ESB processes more than 1 billion transactions per day for eBay, streamlines the development and maintenance of smart power grids, supports T24 core banking systems, and enables consolidated reporting across enterprise applications.  I have created an ESB evaluation framework which may assist your vendor selection.

Our Platform as a Service offering, WSO2 Stratos, delivers 13 middleware services (i.e. application server, mashup server, gadget server, business process server, business rules server, business activity monitoring, complex event processing, enterprise service bus, governance registry, identity management, data services server, relational storage service, Cassandra storage server) in a multi-tenant, on-demand form factor.  IT organizations may deploy WSO2 Stratos in an on-premise private cloud, on Amazon AWS, or through Cloud PaaS providers.

Our Offer to Progress Sonic ESB and Progress FuseSource Customers

WSO2 desires to assist Progress Sonic ESB and Progress FuseSource customers choose a viable, stable, and supported middleware platform.  We are offering free Evaluation Support to current Progress Sonic ESB and Progress FuseSource customers, and would be pleased to demonstrate how our market leading WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and WSO2 SOA Platform meets your evaluation criteria.  Feel free to contact us via our contact form or send us an email note.

Case Studies

eBay uses 100% open source WSO2 ESB to process more than 1 billion transactions per day

eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace. WSO2 ESB helps to ensure high performance and 24×7 availability during peak holiday shopping season.


WSO2 ESB-Enabled Integration and Mediation Energize Smart Power Grids

Read how Dongfang Electronics Co. Ltd., one of the largest electric power automation system manufacturers in China, is using the open source WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) to streamline the development and maintenance of smart power grids


WSO2 Middleware Ensures Alfa-Bank a Promising Future in SOA

The WSO2 Application Server together with the WSO2 ESB has enabled Alfa-Bank to implement seamless integration of the T24 core banking system with its existing internal and third party systems


Concur Streamlines Corporate Reporting With WSO2 Open Source SOA Middleware

This case study highlights how one customer successfully implemented a SOA initiative to deliver consolidated reporting from enterprise applications distributed across multiple systems.


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