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WSO2 API Management Platform Re-invents Software Delivery

Ten years after the rise of Service Oriented Architecture, many organizations have identified and published services as shared assets, however teams and partners often continue to invest considerable time and resources when building new solutions.  Many teams experience rapid portfolio proliferation and sprawl, but not enhanced portfolio efficiency or business agility.  Achieving business agility requires the growth of development partnerships and interactions, which should span both internal and external teams.

Traditional SOA and integration platforms enable rapid development, but they provide little business partnership support.  Teams commonly operate independently and autonomously.  Hundreds of people write new APIs and services; few people know:

  • who is consuming APIs and services,
  • who is writing re-usable APIs and services, or
  • how APIs and services are being used.

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Value Openness

I have recently met a few individuals who do not ascribe positive value to open source.   I had thought the open software versus closed software argument was decided circa 2005.   Unfortunately, a few renegade individuals are holding out, and believe in the goodness of autocratic companies who operate without transparency.   It took me awhile to dig into the bias and understand the root concern; an organizational need for competent technical support, high usability, and a viable roadmap.   Corporate sponsored open source solves these concerns.

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