What is Jaggery.js

JavaScript has always had a special place in my tool chest.  The language delivers the power of scripting, dynamic typing, object-orientation, and web application frameworks. My first introduction to web application programming used client-side JavaScript and server-side JavaScript (SSJA) based on the Netscape Livewire framework.  JavaScript was my ticket to the web, social programming, open community involvement, and becoming an industry expert. While posting a few queries, answering questions, and interacting with Brendan Eich via the LiveWire NewsGroup (using NNTP), I was approached by an acquisition editor to contribute two chapter for the 1997 version of JavaScript Unleashed.  While working at a Hummer Winblad backed Software as a Service company during the turn of the century (1998-2001), we pushed the edge of the SSJS envelope to create a complex, multi-tenanted enterprise application.

WSO2 has released Jaggery.js, a framework to compose webapps and HTTP-focused web services in pure Javascript for all aspects of the application: front-end, communication, Server-side logic and persistence. The framework will reduce the gap between writing client-side web application pages and back-end web services.

Jaggery uses Rhino via Apache BSF to process server-side Javascript, and exposes a development model aligning with the skills and experience of client-side Javascript developers.  I wish we had Jaggery when our Front-end designers were creating Javascript prototypes.

Jaggery can be downloaded at the Jaggery Home Page

The M5 release enables developers to compose server side web pages using HTML templates and embed server-side logic using Javascript

The project distro includes support for:

  • HTTP request/response and session
  • JSON send/receive
  • Server side XMLHttpRequest
  • Web Service invocation
  • File I/O
  • Email
  • Atom
  • Read/write feed
  • Relational database
  • WSO2 Registry/Repository
  • Open Social gadgets

For more information and samples please visit the Jaggery homepage

Check out the project and let me know how the project meets your requirements and your enhancement requests

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