Learn about Hybrid PaaS and Cost Optimization

WSO2 is sponsoring two educational webinars (i.e. Building a Hybrid Platform as a Service, Develop a Cost Optimization Strategy) and an all day on-site workshop (i.e. Introduction to Cloud middleware; WSO2 Carbon and Stratos).   I am creating the content this week, which provides you an opportunity to pose your questions early and influence the content.   If you miss the webinar dates, register to obtain the presentation deck and recording.  If you aren’t visiting Orlando on the 15th, send me a note on your interest.  We will be delivering more workshop events in 2012, and your vote could add your city to the list.

Here are the agendas:

Building a Hybrid Platform as a Service – Tuesday, December 6th 2011

Your organization and team will often be confronted with delivering, connecting, and spanning solutions across private and public Cloud environments. Your solution architecture can either rely on disjointed service integration offerings, or a holistic hybrid Platform as a Service.

In this webinar, Chris Haddad will present hybrid cloud use cases and highlight how interoperability, federation, SOA principles, and infrastructure services are required to bridge Cloud environments. Chris will demonstrate how WSO2 Stratos Governance Registry as a Service, WSO2 Stratos Identity as a Service, WSO2 Data as a Service, and WSO2 Stratos Business Activity Monitor as a Service deliver necessary hybrid Cloud services and the optimum development and operations (i.e DevOps) environment.


Develop an infrastructure cost optimization strategy – Wednesday, 7th December 2011

Global economic developments are increasing market uncertainty, and organizations are facing reduced revenue re-assessing their 2012 IT budgets and building IT cost optimization strategies. Development and operation teams are planning to modernize outdated infrastructure, deliver efficient new services, and reduce infrastructure license cost. In this webinar, Jonathan Marsh and Chris Haddad will discuss how your organization can thrive in a difficult economic climate by:

  • Choosing platforms with lower development costs
  • Minimizing infrastructure growth
  • Selecting alternatives with lower startup and maintenance costs

Learn how to develop an infrastructure cost optimization strategy and how WSO2 Carbon or WSO2 Stratos could be a perfect fit.


WSO2 Carbon and Stratos provides a complete middleware platform for Enterprise computing: from on-premise to a full cloud-enabled runtime. In this session we will spend the morning looking at the Carbon platform; including leading ESB, AppServer, Governance Registry and more. In the afternoon we will look at the way this runtime is also available in a multi-tenant scalable, elastic architecture. This session will cover SOA and Cloud middleware, PaaS as well as digging deep into Cloud concepts.

This hands-on workshop provides a real opportunity to understand Carbon, OSGi middleware, PaaS, Stratos, and get going with a Cloud Platform. StratosLive is a complete running platform in the cloud, and participants will be encouraged to set up a tenant using their laptops during the workshop, and will understand how to install and use Stratos in a Private PaaS environment.

WSO2 Stratos Platform Services

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