Gartner AADI Summit: Impressions from a civilian

I have been participating in Gartner (and Burton Group) conferences since 2003, and this year was my first time participating as a civilian (e.g. a non-Gartner attendee).  I found myself continuing to direct attendees to relevant analysts, and I enjoyed chatting with my colleagues (i.e. Roy Schulte, Dan Sholler, Jim Duggan, Anne Thomas Manes, Richard Watson, Kirk Knoernschild, Sean Kennefick, Danny Brian, Donna PK, Kirsten Moran, Jeff Schulman, and Val Sribar) face to face.

My one-on-one conversations with Gartner clients were more informal than in years past, and the conversations were held in the conference halls or solution central instead of within the often-noisy one-on-one room.  While manning the WSO2 vendor booth, I found attendee questions to be deep and specific, and they are ready to make 2012 the year of defining PaaS architecture, PaaS Proof of Concepts (PoC), building a hybrid PaaS, deriving business value from SOA, and developing an infrastructure cost optimization strategy.

Attendees were impressed by the WSO2 Carbon platform’s comprehensive breadth  (12 components spanning application server, ESB, governance registry, business process management and rules, complex event processing, identity, mashups, and data services) and open source heritage.   Attendees were looking for enterprise Tomcat support, replacing expensive middleware (i.e. Software AG webMethods, Oracle WebLogic), and building an open PaaS fabric.  I enjoyed explaining how WSO2 is pushing the envelope in Java open source middleware, holistic integration (i.e. across data, process, and application), Cloud Native Platform as a Service (PaaS), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), and Content Storage.

Though wary of the economic climate, Gartner clients are clearly investing in innovation and transformation, and attendees (over 1200 present) are energized by SOA + PaaS + mobile convergence.  I look forward to the next AADI Summit and helping individuals maximize their success.

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