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What is Jaggery.js

JavaScript has always had a special place in my tool chest.  The language delivers the power of scripting, dynamic typing, object-orientation, and web application frameworks. My first introduction to web application programming used client-side JavaScript and server-side JavaScript (SSJA) based on the Netscape Livewire framework.  JavaScript was my ticket to the web, social programming, open community involvement, and becoming an industry expert. While posting a few queries, answering questions, and interacting with Brendan Eich via the LiveWire NewsGroup (using NNTP), I was approached by an acquisition editor to contribute two chapter for the 1997 version of JavaScript Unleashed.  While working at a Hummer Winblad backed Software as a Service company during the turn of the century (1998-2001), we pushed the edge of the SSJS envelope to create a complex, multi-tenanted enterprise application.

WSO2 has released Jaggery.js, a framework to compose webapps and HTTP-focused web services in pure Javascript for all aspects of the application: front-end, communication, Server-side logic and persistence. The framework will reduce the gap between writing client-side web application pages and back-end web services.

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Selecting Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This blog post describes the Selecting a Cloud Platform White Paper.

Cloud benefits are compelling, and your peers are starting to demonstrate successful test projects, but you realize slick product demonstrations often do not mirror real world complexity.  You find your personal Cloud experience challenged by disconnected platform silos, complicated application architecture, diverse infrastructure technologies, and cloud washed services.  How can Cloud and Platform as a Service (PaaS) improve a development team’s ability to rapidly deliver high value business applications and meet user demand?

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Cloud languages and me-too vendors

Sinclair @sschuller has triggered a lively debate over at Cloud U on Linkedin.   Sinclair’s blog post questions why PaaS providers “want to add as many languages as possible as quickly as possible. ”   Sinclair questions the business value obtained by polyglot language support and whether development teams will see through the hype and “walk away disenfranchised.”

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Gartner AADI Summit: Impressions from a civilian

I have been participating in Gartner (and Burton Group) conferences since 2003, and this year was my first time participating as a civilian (e.g. a non-Gartner attendee).  I found myself continuing to direct attendees to relevant analysts, and I enjoyed chatting with my colleagues (i.e. Roy Schulte, Dan Sholler, Jim Duggan, Anne Thomas Manes, Richard Watson, Kirk Knoernschild, Sean Kennefick, Danny Brian, Donna PK, Kirsten Moran, Jeff Schulman, and Val Sribar) face to face.

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Selecting the correct data storage solution

Srinath has written a decision framework explaining when to choose a specific data storage alternative (i.e. relational database [RDBMS], key-value system [BigTable], column family [NoSQL], document based system).  The decision model explains four constraints (i.e. type of data, scalability, consistency, and supported queries), and describes how the constraints impact the storage choice.

You an view the presentation here.

Learn about Hybrid PaaS and Cost Optimization

WSO2 is sponsoring two educational webinars (i.e. Building a Hybrid Platform as a Service, Develop a Cost Optimization Strategy) and an all day on-site workshop (i.e. Introduction to Cloud middleware; WSO2 Carbon and Stratos).   I am creating the content this week, which provides you an opportunity to pose your questions early and influence the content.   If you miss the webinar dates, register to obtain the presentation deck and recording.  If you aren’t visiting Orlando on the 15th, send me a note on your interest.  We will be delivering more workshop events in 2012, and your vote could add your city to the list.

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