Are you developing an infrastructure cost optimization strategy?

As global economic developments increase market uncertainty, is your organizations facing reduced revenue and re-assessing their 2012 IT budgets?  Are you interested in building an IT cost optimization strategy?

We see forward thinking development and operation teams planning to modernize outdated infrastructure, deliver efficient new services, and reduce infrastructure license cost.

Jonathan Marsh and and I are building a strategy deck describing how your organization can thrive in a difficult economic climate by:

  • Choosing platforms with lower development costs
  • Minimizing infrastructure growth
  • Selecting alternatives with lower startup and maintenance costs
  • Learn how to develop an infrastructure cost optimization strategy and how WSO2 Carbon or WSO2 Stratos could be a perfect fit.
If you want to learn more about our strategy, register for the webinar today        If there are specific goals, challenges, or constraints that you desire to hear us address, please leave a comment or send me a note (chris (at) ).

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