WSO2Brasil community

Is your native language Portuguese?      The WSO2Brasil blog contains useful community sponsored documentation in Portuguese.  According to the blog site, WSO2Brasil is a Brazilian community of interest which is intrigued by the WSO2 platform WSO2. The community exists to share knowledge and news, in addition to helping to spread the technology. The community members are interested in WSO2 products due to the code-free integration of Carbon modules and support for the creation, connection, composition,and governance of services via a complete SOA platform.

The WSO2Brasil community is current led by:

I wish to extend a WSO2 welcome to José, Leandro, and Leonardo and the WSO2 community in Brasil.
We became aware of WSO2Brasil by following WSO2 OxygenTank,  WSO2’s community site. Not only was WSO2Brasil able to obtain timely references to useful information, WSO2 OxygenTank’s community forum posts are connecting the community site members with other WSO2 savvy Portuguese speaking individuals

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