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Cloud Occupies Wall Street

The lifeblood of the financial services industry is information, and I have found financial services firms to be early, innovative technology adopters.  Electronic trading exchanges have delivered business services ‘in the Cloud’ for many years, and financial specific compute grids deliver actionable market intelligence (e.g. piCloud, RiskMetrics).  As Cloud computing moves beyond the definition phase and technology infrastructure vendors deliver viable products, advanced Cloud computing concepts are starting to Occupy Wall Street.

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Gartner’s and Cobiacomm’s analysis of WSO2 SOA Governance

WSO2, the lean enterprise middleware provider, announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the “Visionaries” quadrant of a new report, Magic Quadrant for SOA Governance Technologies[1]

My analysis (from an ex-Gartner research team leader), the placement demonstrates WSO2 team leadership in defining a vision for policy based service governance.     Continue reading

WSO2Brasil community

Is your native language Portuguese?      The WSO2Brasil blog contains useful community sponsored documentation in Portuguese.  According to the blog site, WSO2Brasil is a Brazilian community of interest which is intrigued by the WSO2 platform WSO2. The community exists to share knowledge and news, in addition to helping to spread the technology. The community members are interested in WSO2 products due to the code-free integration of Carbon modules and support for the creation, connection, composition,and governance of services via a complete SOA platform.

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Imitation is Flattery – PaaS styles and architecture options

Within the span of two weeks, I have seen Richard Watson’s PaaS style framework posted twice on the Web.  In one case, the text was copied verbatim from Richard’s research report. In the other instance, a self-described technocrat artfully repurposed the concept without attribution ( ).

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From the Trenches to the Stratosphere

From the Trenches to the Stratosphere

Are you interested in technology trends, best practices, product evaluation criteria, peer adoption challenges, and viable use case scenarios?   This site will share knowledge and insight that increases your project’s value and contributes to your professional success. Key focus areas include:

  • Platform as a Service
  • Cloud Application Architecture Patterns
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Service Integration
  • Application Development
  • DevOps

Our audience spans from practitioners in the trenches (e.g. developers, architects, managers) to leaders (e.g. directors, vice presidents, chief technology officers, chief information officers) strategizing about how to reach the stratosphere.